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A Pirate’s True Treasure
Join Charley on his adventure in search of treasure. Find out what he discovers along the way that is even more important than gold!

Written by Emily Fuhs Nestel
Illustrated by Al Margolis

Emily Nestel

About the Author
Emily Fuhs Nestel is a Literacy Coach in Indianapolis Public Schools. She spends her weekdays sharing her love of reading and writing with elementary students and teachers. On the weekends, she gets to go on her own sailing (and reading) adventures with her family.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to be a real author and write your own book? I always did, but for awhile I wasn’t sure I could do it.

While I was busy being a mom and working as a teacher and Literacy Coach, I was reading and learning from many, many wonderful picture books. I began teaching students how to notice certain ways authors used words so they could apply the same techniques to their own stories. While I was teaching children how to do this, I was learning too!

The idea for this book came to me during the many nights I read my son bedtime stories. I knew I wanted to share an adventure with young readers and leave them with an important lesson. I was also inspired by the special people in my life. The idea stayed with me for a few years until I had an opportunity to travel to a tropical setting. As soon as I saw the color of the deep ocean water, I knew this story was ready to be written.

So, if you want to be an author- read like a writer, find a place to inspire your story, and write from your heart.

Best Wishes,
Emily Fuhs Nestel